Stibo Systems Location MDM

durch Stibo Systems A/S

Centralize, manage and share location data across your organization, improving operational agility,

Stibo Systems Location Master Data Management (Location MDM) enables you to manage, maintain, update and seamlessly share location and site master data across multiple communication channels and applications.

It provides transparency into hundreds of site attributes by creating a single, trustworthy view of your location information, leveraging built-in data quality, governance and integration capabilities.

Centralized data

Location MDM enables a single view of all location data, including internal site data (such as corporate locations, stores, distribution centers, warehouses, offices and franchises) and external site data (such as competitors, customers, partners and suppliers). The solution centralizes site and location-specific information from heterogeneous systems, creating a single view that can be leveraged across all functional departments, analytical systems and outbound marketing applications.

From this centralized hub, you can consolidate, cleanse, govern and share updates to hundreds of geographic, site and inventory data attributes (such as addresses, opening hours, in-store services and more) to multiple channels, websites, applications and business processes. Store an unlimited number of file attachments such as leases, insurance policies, maintenance contracts, competitive analysis reports and photos for easy access.

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