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Making your desired lifestyle possible.

Undergoing orthopedic surgery is a life altering event. Strive is the tool to help you get back to life and work faster! Strive is a total care platform redefining care by empowering the patients through mobile software and wearable technology. With engaging software interfaces and sensor technology, the Strive platform is able to engage patients on a daily basis to improve surgical and patient reported outcomes, decrease complications and improve patient access when issues arise. When the patient is doing well at home they are able to get back to life and work faster with a better outcome.

• Track your joint health before and after surgery in order to make sure you are on track to beat your recovery goals

• Connect to Strive’s remote sensors via our APP and measure your joints movement in real time

• Automatically count your exercise reps and sets with guided and interactive preoperative and post-surgical rehab exercises

• Seamlessly connect with multiple providers, physical therapists, family, and friends

• Share and monitor your path to recovery via in-app messaging and telemedicine

• Quicker access to your healthcare provider and care team via the Strive APP which can lead to better care and a better outcomes

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