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The Ultimate SharePoint Administration Tool

SPDocKit is a 3rd party On-Prem administration tool for SharePoint admins and consultants.

It gathers all your farm configuration settings and generates a professional looking Word, PDF or Excel file. You can use this SharePoint documentation as a starting point for SharePoint farm migrations and regular maintenance processes.

SPDocKit compares configuration setups between your farms, such as QA, production or staging environments, so you can easily detect differences between them. You can also detect changes such as improper configuration on a single farm through time.

SPDocKit contains an extensive knowledge base of SharePoint best practices represented by a visual dashboard. Use the best practices dashboard to easily validate your farm's configuration settings against Microsoft recommmendations.

SPDocKit gathers SharePoint audit logs, so you can track all end-user and admin activities in your farm such as user logins, configuration modifications or permission changes. You can also adjust the time frame to collect logs to align with your governance processes.

You can manage SharePoint permissions with SPDocKit’s bulk management actions - copy and edit user permissions, break and restore permission inheritance, remove or add users to SharePoint groups.

With SharePoint analytics, you can get an insight into structure and SharePoint farm usage metrics such as database growth, used SharePoint space, or site collection inventory.

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