Calabrio Workforce Management (WFM)

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Drive Business Success with Future-Proof, Intelligent Workforce Management

Calabrio, a top global provider of Contact Center Workforce Management software (WFM), offers market leading Cloud solution Calabrio Workforce Management (WFM). Using Calabrio WFM’s highly flexible module suite, contact centers can effectively forecast, schedule and monitor all customer service operations, as well as dynamically adapt to changing situations. This ensures that business needs can be optimized through a balance of personnel, demand and customer service levels. Calabrio WFM is known and respected for a modern approach to WFM, with a wide range of tools and capabilities to positively empower employees across the organization, resulting in optimized operations and engaged customers. 


Forecasts: Multi-skill, multichannel forecasting for both short- and long-term planning, as well as for trends and seasonality analyses.

Schedules: Powerful, multi-skill scheduling-optimization engine for effective employee planning, taking into account work-hour legislation, demand, employee requests, and more.
Shifts: Efficient shift generator for creating shifts from any mix of schedule activities.
Intraday: Allows overview and detailed analysis of traffic, performance and staffing down to interval level.
CC/CX Connectors: Calabrio provides officially certified connectors to all major contact center and customer experience platforms for automated transfer of contact data to Calabrio WFM.
Budgets: For long-term planning of staff requirements; assess the staff available in comparison with forecasted resource need.
MyTime: Provided as both a web-based employee portal and an IOS/Android app, MyTime offers employees not only access to their schedules but also industry-leading empowerment tools for work preferences and self-assessment.

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