Teorema Engineering Srl

The easy and quick chatbot for supporting your users.

ON-Bot is a Q&A chatbot, which answers to all the questions, inserted in one or more Knowledge Base. ON-Bot has a user interface that is highly customizable with logo and colors of your company or website. Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence engine, ON-Bot understands natural language and it can answer to users’ frequently asked questions. It helps in navigating the site while its backend console (CMS) allows to analyze questions and answers, in order to address the needs of users. Through the CMS you can manage and analyze questions and answers, to instruct the Bot to be increasingly effective in talking with human users. Customers can use On-Bot for internal use for example for providing support to users and employees or in a website for promoting products and give information to clients. It address all the needs related to give a 24/7 support with an innovative always ON service. This application is available in English, Italian.

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