Tribal Admissions

durch Tribal Education

Fully integrated, cloud-based SaaS solution for university admissions

Deliver a consistent, connected, and exciting experience for students embarking on one of the most important journeys of their lives.

Unrivalled user experience

  • Responsive, accessible, and intuitive design means extensive training and lengthy staff on-boarding is a thing of the past.
  • No complicated abbreviations, complex processes and multi-window clutter.
  • Delivers one of the finest software experiences available in higher education.

Powerful speed and efficiency

  • The number of clicks, screens, and time it takes to process applications is vital when your admissions department is under pressure. Tribal Admissions makes the process faster.
  • Dynamic bulk processing, computer-assisted decision making, and processes developed from over 20 years of experience are just some of the ways Tribal Admissions drives efficiency.

Open, secure and future-ready

  • Stay future-ready in the ever-changing world of education.
  • With open APIs, event mapping and pre-built integration with your Tribal SIS, Tribal Admissions ensures your are responsive to change and able to integrate seamlessly with new and existing solutions.
  • Built for security, with high availability, consistent performance and dynamic scaling.

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