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isLucid turns voice to transcripton to tasks on Microsoft Teams calls

Looking for ways to make meetings and task delegation more efficient? Need transcription? isLucid assists you by capturing actionable items as you and your colleagues speak. It then seamlessly transfers these items into the tasks management tool of your choice (Microsoft Planner, Atlassian Jira, Azure DevOps) and also provides accurate transcription of your call. Get easy-to-comprehend meeting minutes right after the call finishes, share them with external stakeholders, and have automatically created tasks for your teams to work on.

The isLucid bot joins the conversation to create actionable items (like tasks and meeting minutes). Start or pause the transcription any time in your preferred language, identify important actionable items, get the best-in-class transcription and make task management simple and efficient.

On average, Project Managers and Account Managers that use isLucid save 15 minutes per meeting for wrap-up and tasks assignment. With items automatically created in your favorite project and task management tools, there’s no need to manually create tasks from your notes.

The transcript itself is always accessible to you, in case you need more context. In the transcript, you will conveniently see what tasks were created and which meeting participants were informed. You can also easily mark new actionable items for future reference.

We built isLucid with a mission to reduce the stress that people experience due to poorly managed expectations and miscommunication. With our tool, you can spend less time on taking notes, sending wrap-up emails, and clarifying tasks Instead, you can focus on things that bring the most value.

What does isLucid to make task management productive and collaborative?

  • Converts voice-to-text during online meetings. Provides transcription for calls in more that 20 different world languages by your choice plus ability to choose the dialects for even better accuracy.
  • Recognizes potential tasks in real-time and recommends to store as a task (beta feature, enabled on request).
  • Identifies participants with their Azure Active Directory IDs.
  • Integrates easily into project management software (Atlassian JIRA, Azure DevOps, Tasks by Planner).
  • Creates meeting minutes in .docx format with participants, tasks and descriptions.
  • Generates documents for future storage and traceability

Depending on your compliance requirements, you can select the platform-as-a-service solution (PaaS) deployed on your servers or use a pay-as-you-go model with isLucid ensuring the needed infrastructure (SaaS). Built with regulated industries like MedTech, Automotive, Financial in mind, isLucid can be used in any field that uses video conferencing.

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