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The world’s leading experts on friction versus reward. Our FRi™ platform reveals customer truths

Game Changing Platform

Our FRi™ platform reveals customer truths that reduce churn, reduce costs, drive innovation, maximise spend, combat competitors and increase loyalty

Each year retailers lose billions through high-friction/ low-reward CX

Uncrowd’s FRi™ is fundamentally about showing you when and why a customer will prefer you to a rival. In the era of total and easy access to competing choices, knowing where you stand among those choices is your number one priority.

We do this by exploiting the ground-breaking Friction vs Reward (FvR) behavioural metric. FvR was constructed by our founders and is inspired by the work of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky in combination with Economics Utility Theory.

Our expression of FvR is Friction/Reward Indexing™ a powerful analytics tool that hoovers up data sources and chucks out clear answers on where and why a customer on a given shopper mission will spend their money.

  • Unlock Data - Uncrowd’s FRi™ is the first and only customer analytics platform that truly unlocks silo’d data, to finally reveal the real drivers of customer preference
  • Mad Maths II - Our breakthrough is in the algorithm and how our machine learning combines understanding of effort and gain versus shopper mission and need-states
  • All Actionable - You get to see what it’s really like to shop you, no more educated guessing, no more over reliance on one data stream or on numbers without causality

Observe. Compare. Do.

  • Observe - Our UX is beautifully simple but elegantly deep. Watch your numbers emerge in real-time with live tracking
  • Compare - Who is eating your lunch? Where are your customers going? What are your real strengths, where are the opportunities, what should drive your CX and service development
  • Do - We get you the closest possible to the customer truths in your business. Then our tools show you exactly how to turn those truths into tangible and actionable CX and services

Super Serious Experts

We’re expert, we’re retailers, systems architects, red-hot coders, maths geniuses and more. We’re advised by retail PLC CEOs, senior figures from globe-spanning software giants, behavioral science people and scaled-up CTOs. We love friction/reward, we believe in the revolution and we’re good fun to work with. Super-serious but self-effacing nerds; that’s us.

Help us change retail forever