Synergies Financing Origination Solution

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Financing Origination Solution

SYNERGIES Financing origination system enables banks and financial institutions to process the origination of the different Financings related to consumer Financing products

The solution is built specifically for the banking industry, with an embedded workflow and document management solution. It includes all the steps from taking a financing application up to the issuance of the offer letter or declining the application and easily integrates with the Financing servicing system.

Solution Features

  • Easily integrates with the CIF servicing system and other KYC and AML systems
  • Lead origination, Financing calculator, Client onboarding, Financing application status inquiry among other functions
  • Financing pre-approval functions: credit scoring, Credit Committee approvals and recommendations, Financial Facility applications, processing, and related management
  • Clients can apply via an electronic financing application
  • Built-in core banking and can be integrated with external core banking
  • Highly configurable and empowers user autonomy at the Process level, Product level, Credit scoring level, Committees and limits level, Documentation level, Reporting level, Delivery channel level
  • A unified multilingual platform for bank resources and agents
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Easily downloaded from IOS app store and google market place
  • Easily installed on laptops, tablets, smartphones, iPad, and iPhone


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