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Software solution to build customized immersive training simulations for the enterprise.

Verbal Transactions offers a SAAS solution, ACES,  that allows our enterprise customers to build unique customized training simulations. These simulations can be used to automate training employees on a variety of skills such as call centers, coaching, selling skills and beyond.  No coding skills are required to build these simulations.
By using ACES (automated contact engagement system) employees and their managers will know immediately, if they have acquired the skills necessary to be successful at their job. ACES uses speech recognition and bot technology to allow the user to verbally interact with pre-recorded characters and the bot takes on the role of their coach to guide them along the way.
ACES is comprised of three primary components. 
  1. Developer's scripting editor to create all user interactions and onscreen visuals
  2. A powerful backend tracking system used to provide immediate feedback to the user while logged into the simulation and automatically monitors all correct and incorrect activity that YOU decide you want to monitor.
  3. Administrative reporting system to enroll and manage user roles, simulation assignment, and organization alignment.
Verbal Transactions can deploy ACES SAAS, on-premise, or a combination of both.

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