Water Wise

durch WAKARU

Water operations efficiency

Water Wise System is a smart real time AI big data B2B B2G SaaS solution, built for public and private Water and Wastewater Utilities, Smart Cities initiatives and cross-sector intensive water consumers (industrial production, airports, university and medical campuses, military and security facilities, resorts and hotels, prisons and large condominiums). It makes available several new functionalities to support operational and non-revenue water reduction processes and internal controls. Builds a 360º digital twin view of the urban water cycle by monitoring all networks: potable water, wastewater and rainwater, basins, rivers, and groundwater. Monitors pressure, flow, reservoirs level, water quality parameters, energy consumption and any other data stream that might be relevant to the customer. Finds abnormal events and insights in real and differed time by exploring these data sources. Open platform that can integrate with existing GIS, SCADAs and/or new field IoTs. Performs easy to use operational water balances and gives geo analytical insights about priority areas of attention for directing field teams. It monitors and creates insights using predictive and analytical models supported in Artificial intelligence (Machine Learning), to identify abnormal situations and creates a Digital Twin of the water network. It identifies for each defined area or deployed field sensor the water balance it's behaviours (creating an analytical and predictive perspective), water losses and is able to analyse water quality parameters, energy consumption, meteorology, and ascertain the different behaviour of each area of study and determine their sustainability level. It delivers several analytical dashboards and, geo analytical views of the network sensors data, DMA's and administrative areas. It provides operational intelligence to network management and supervision by filtering, aggregating, and correlating massive amounts of data, blending it into composite alarms/events (identifying the root-cause), guidance and knowledge to the user, simplifying the operation process and creating the opportunity for a quicker field action. Product is based in open-source frameworks and proprietary developments. Includes a big data infrastructure architecture: data lake, complex event processor and data ingestion through ETL/ELT processes. This is an innovative approach to the urban water cycle monitoring. By monitoring all water networks, it supports sustainability and new value chains promoting circular economy increasing water re-use. Water Wise is a strong technological foundation to increase water utilities readiness to respond to climate change, extreme climate events and climate adaption, as well as, to digitize and retain knowledge and know-how from an ageing workforce. But also, to support intensive water consumers in their efficiency and consumption reduction programs.

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