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Worklio™ is a powerful HCM and Payroll Software purpose-built for PEOs, ASOs and Staffing Firms.

The configurable Software-as-a-Service platform includes Payroll, Human Resources, Workers’ Compensation, Benefits and more.
The system is intuitive and user-friendly, with modules that work in concert with state-of-the-art technology that attracts and retains clients.
Worklio is on a mission to automate the time-consuming and burdensome administrative tasks of running a company so that people can focus on their mission and vision.

The Worklio platform is separated into three different levels that share data and maintain information in a logical and secure structure — that scales up as your business grows.
• The PEO / ASO Level is the master level that establishes the settings and templates for the entire system.
• The Client Level is where each of the client companies exist and co-manage their information. Client-specific data is maintained on this level and settings, most of which are pulled from the PEO / ASO Level, are customized. The Client Level includes a tangential Division Level to offer options for more complex businesses.
• The Employee Level is nested within the Client Level and maintains all of the data, documents and settings for each employee.

Four features that reach into most every module serve as the foundation for the platform.
• Payroll — The Worklio Payroll engine is a simple step-by-step operation with all of the system-wide data neatly inserted for calculation and review.
• Human Resources — HR departments get a full suite of tools to incorporate new employees and keep them informed.
• Workers’ Compensation — Workplace insurance can be leveraged to benefit both the employees and the bottom line.
• Benefits — Establishing benefits for employees is online so that employees can make their decisions at home and in consultation with their family.

In addition to the main PEO / ASO Interface that controls the entire platform, client companies and worksite employees have dedicated access to their own data and information.
Client Portal — Businesses manage many of their day-to-day operations.
Employee Portal — Employees are empowered with access to their own employment details.
Employee Mobile App — Paychecks-are-available messages and other types of communication are sent directly to employees through the handy Mobile App.

Many modules have been custom-built for the Worklio system, including customizable Billing and Banking modules; Job Costing; Single sign-on connections to popular platforms; comprehensive Reporting, including for the PEO level, individual clients and every employee, and across years; General Ledger exports; a system of Access Rights to help with security; and extensive automated Tax Reporting options.

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