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The All in One Solution for EU GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation) built on our Xeelo Platform

Meeting all requirements of the EU's new Data Privacy Regulation can seem a daunting task. Our Motto is "Don't Complain, Just Comply" and we make it extremely easy for you to become GDPR Compliant, and remain Compliant. Without needing extra consultants, lawyers or developers.

Built on our award winning Xeelo Platform (2017 Winner - ComputerWorld) that provides a NO CODE development plaform, with scriptless integration to all modern and legacy applications that exist in a company. We've built a solution designed to help you become GDPR compliant, and stay GDPR compliant.

We've split Xeelo GDPR into simple to follow areas, that lead you down the road to become fully compliant:
  • Assess your current situation: Through a managed and auditable process of surveys with pre-defined questions, including full Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA) and detailed industry specific audit questionairres.
  • Map your data: Either manually prepare data maps of your systems, or simply upload an export from a wide range of 3rd party  data discovery tools. We will automatically generate a data map and allow you to see where you are keeping GDPR relevant data.
  • Maintain your data: Centrally manage all your GDPR relevant master data. With our fully audit compliant master data management features, we can ensure you have only one single record of truth for your GDPR data, and distribute it to your internal applications in a fully auditable way, including in-transfer anonymization of data. So your old systems keep working, but you anonymize the data while keeping a master record in our system.
  • Manage GDPR processes: This is the biggest problem companies will face from May 25, 2018 - we track everything from internal trainings and documents, to all incident reports and data breach decisions and escalation. We also provide external request management processes, which can be integrated via a simple iframe link into all your external facing websites, as well as automated legal consent gathering from you suppliers and customers (they just reply to your automatic emails) as well as providing Change Request management, to make sure that any changes to your systems are tracked and verified as GDPR compliant.
  • Data Exchange: Our proprietary tool enables you to interface to any system, you can easily search for records in modern apps, or use our end user simulation plugin to imitate the actions of a user on legacy applications, and retrieve on-screen data into Xeelo.
GDPR has 38 legal articles that companies must meet to operate in Europe, 28 of these require repetitive processes, that must be verifiable and auditable to show compliance.  We help you manage ALL of these. Full GDPR Process Compliance, built on the most innovative platform of 2017.

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