Zelros - AI for Augmented Insurers


Zelros technology helps insurers to better serve their clients and offer them a better Customer XP

Zelros is the first AI software dedicated to the insurance distribution of tomorrow. Leveraging intelligent data, Zelros provides insurers' sales and digital marketing teams with the customer intelligence they need to create proactive and personalized experiences on any channel.

Policyholders are frustrated because personal insurance is complex, not transparent, and reactive compared to their expectations. Our data-first technology helps carriers and brokers to solve this problem, by offering a more personalized and proactive customer experience. This leads to premium growth and reduced customer churn.

Our software connects to all carrier data (core system, CRM, …), and comes also with additional proprietary data (insurance data catalog), to propose real-time personalized recommendations, both on the physical and digital channels. This leads to higher upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and increased conversion rates.

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