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ZL File Analysis and Management (ZL FAM)

ZL Technologies, Inc.

Complete Insight & Control Over Enterprise Files

ZL File Analysis and Management (ZL FAM) enables organizations to analyze, search and manage enterprise file sources from a single platform. ZL FAM connects with unstructured data repositories such as file shares, SharePoint and other Office 365 documents to create a complete meta data and full content index of all enterprise data. ZL FAM goes beyond analytics, offering comprehensive and scalable information management.

Whether your organization needs to comply with privacy regulations, clean up ROT, or get a comprehensive overview of data across the enterprise, FAM tackles the root causes of the biggest file based challenges companies face.

Unlike any other solution in its ability to govern enterprise silos, ZL File Analysis and Management offers granular in-place management within a single platform and a massively scalable architecture that can support billions of documents and petabytes of data. Enterprises are provided centralized control for global deployments and the capability to create customizable access privileges so that each respective admin can review and oversee management policies of the data relevant to them.

Backed by 20 years of expertise and the Microsoft Azure cloud, ZL FAM provides an enterprise-ready platform to enable analysis and management across all enterprise file shares.