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Visionet Systems, Inc

Factor credit management automates and streamlines factor managed credit & collection for AR.

Factor Credit Management is the only solution available for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, which facilitates automatic processing of AR Factor transactions to evaluate customer credit and secure AR payments.

Factoring or more precisely AR/Invoice Factoring is a common industry practice whereby sellers utilize services of a Factor (Bank) to manage the customer credit and receivable and process payments to sellers on behalf of customer. Following are some of the prominent objectives and benefits of utilizing the factor:

  • Sellers can factor receivable assets to meet immediate cash needs.
  • Sellers are able to transfer the credit risk of their customers.
  • Sellers end up outsourcing credit management to a third party, which simplifies AR operations.

To utilize AR/Invoice factoring, the sellers should be able to send factor credit request, process factor credit approval and apply factor payments to AR.

Visionet solution extends Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations accounts receivable and credit and collection modules to provide the required capability and functionality for AR/Invoice factoring. Following are key features of the solution:

  • Factor method of payments setup.
  • Factor credit hold codes definition.
  • Customer accounts and factor association.
  • Automatic factor credit request process.
  • Automated and integrated factor credit response/ approval processing.
  • Auto sales order hold and release.
  • Automatic factor payment posting.

Following are major advantages of Visionet solution:

  • Visionet solution is highly configurable and scalable which can be easily switched on.
  • It handles partial approval scenarios by facilitating internal credit override.
  • The return order process can be configured to affect customer or factor account.
  • Single workspace for factor credit setup and management.
  • Real time reporting and inquiries on factor requests and responses.
  • Real time visibility of customer sales order hold and release activity.
  • Transaction logging and audit trail reporting on all activity.

Visionet solution is compatible with latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Ever Green release. It is easy to deploy and can be implemented rapidly for quick turn-around on an existing or new deployment.

Visionet is a one-stop shop with 20+ years of supply chain, retail and distribution industry experience. Our technology-driven innovative solutions empower operations optimization and efficiency.

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