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Mawens Workflow Helper Tool

Mawens Business Solutions

2.7 (3)

Mawens Workflow Helper Tool can extend out-of-box functionality of Dynamics CRM in 6 categories.

I. What is a Workflow in Dynamics CRM?

You can extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM by creating workflows. You can use a workflow to model and automate real world business processes.

These processes can be configured to run in the background or in real time and can optionally require user input. Workflow processes can start automatically based on specified conditions or can be started manually by a user.

II. What is Mawens Workflow Helper Tool?

Using Mawens Workflow Helper Library you can extend out-of-box functionality of Dynamics CRM in below 6 categories:

  1. Child Items
    • Execute Process for Child Items from Child
    • Execute Process for Child Items from Parent
  2. Date Functions
    • Add or Count Business Days
    • Add or Subtract Days
    • Difference Between Days
    • Format Date
    • Now
    • Parse Date
    • UTC and Local Time Converter
  3. Numbers Functions
    • Convert Number Value
    • Calculation
  4. Strings
    • Apply Regex
    • Contains
    • Encrypt Text
    • Generate Password
    • Replace
    • String Length
    • Substring
    • Trim
    • Upper and Lower Case
    • URL Encode Decode
    • Word Count
  5. Tools
    • Execute Process (For Child and Parent Entity)
    • Execute Process with Query
    • Execute Rollup Field Calculation
    • Retrieve Guid
  6. Users
    • Check User in Role
    • Check User in Team
    • Get User Roles
    • Retrieve Initiating User