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Employee Onboarding


5.0 out of 5 stars
5.0 (4)

Give your new hires an awesome first impression & Improve employee retention

Employee Onboarding and Orientation can surely make the first day of work memorable for your new hires.

It offers many great features like:

  • Easy Employee onboarding and orientation app for HR by using simple forms
  • Quick tracking of onboarding tasks using HR home screen
  • Quick tracking of employee onboarding process and tasks using HR home screen
  • Role Based access to HR, Manager and Task Assignees
  • Organize Tasks into levels (HR and Manager)
  • Useful Customization Features like, Color Theme, Company Logo, Departments, Designations, Employee Types etc.
  • Identify and create Standard Onboarding Tasks
  • Create Task Templates
  • Organize standard tasks into Categories and Task Templates
  • Send Automatic Email notifications to HR, Managers, and Task Assignees
  • Easy Tracking of Task's Progress - for Managers
  • Quick view of pending tasks - for Task Assignees
  • Ability to update task status with remarks - for Task Assignees

We offer the perfect SharePoint Add-in for employee onboarding solution for any size company. Whether you’re hiring your 1st employee or your 5000th, you will discover a wealth of time and savings using our highly efficient Employee Onboarding Add-In.

The benefits of Employee Onboarding are not limited to the hiring process itself, organizations can also improve overall business efficiency and profitability through better hiring. Partnering with us can give you the power to make your onboarding process quick, easy and accurate.