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Leverage visual collaboration to boost teamwork & productivity

Conceptboard’s collaborative whiteboard allows teams of all sizes to centralize projects and communication on infinite visual boards. Add Conceptboard to your tabs and jump onto a board along with your colleagues to follow live cursors and brainstorm, present ideas, or co-create in real time. Make sense of complexity and bring your ideas to life with the help of sticky notes, sketches and diagrams. Use our extensive template library to create visual frameworks and foster big picture thinking.

Conceptboard is used globally by distributed teams as a shared, visual hub for cross-functional projects such as product development, design collaboration, agile ceremonies etc. Popular use cases include:

Brainstorming: Conduct a virtual brainstorming session and generate a large volume of ideas without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Design collaboration: Import artworks and images directly onto a board to gather feedback in context and @mention individuals.

Project management: Organize and track projects visually on an infinite canvas. Zoom into specific sections or zoom out for a complete overview.

Remote workshops: Guide your team through boards and facilitate remote sessions with the help of our moderation feature.

To get started with Conceptboard for Microsoft Teams, you will need an active Conceptboard account. Sign up for a free Conceptboard account.

The app is available in English and German.

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