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Display the hierarchy within an organization or function area

Display the relationship between different entities with Organization Chart by MAQ Software. Organization Chart enables you to visually display hierarchical information in a top-down structured tree format. Organization Chart also supports the use of images, to clearly identify key players in an organization.

Business Use Cases:

  • Admin – Structure human resources by departments and hierarchy
  • Sales – Display sales by territory responsibilities and actual sales to visually indicate if a salesperson is below, on, or ahead of targets
  • IT – Display organizational IT assets, their categories, their availability volumes, and other key performance indicators
  • Finance – Break down budget allocation across departments and projects, color-coding to distinguish which elements are on budget, over budget, or under budget

Key Features:

  • Image support
  • Configurable connector links, colors, and font formatting for labels and sublabels
  • Customizable card dimension, border, and corner radius
  • Interactive cards, collapsible hierarchy, and cross-filtering capabilities
  • Zoom and click and drag capabilities
  • Configurable legend position and formatting

  • Support for context menu

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