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A vision technology company

AWM is a vision technology company with a comprehensive retail solution. Our technologies are built utilizing artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning to reinvent the retail space as we know it today. AWM's eco-system of solutions reinvent the retail space by improving operational efficiencies, increasing sales, reducing waste, and more.

AWM Frictionless™

Cashierless checkout application utilizing deep learning to enable shoppers to walk in and walk out and be automatically charged for items taken without scanning them.

Automated Inventory Intelligence (Aii®)

Enables real time tracking of all on-shelf inventory at a global level with accuracy rates above 95%.

Dynamic Shelf Edge LED Technology

Secures to any retail shelf to enable point-of-sale marketing with dynamic video content.

Ad Exchange

Enables in-store digital ads deployed based on demographics, time of day, weather and more creating new revenue streams for brands and retailers.

Retail Analytics Engine (RAE)

Brings valuable data on the customer, product, planogram and campaigns to one single portal with customizable and downloadable reports.

Smart Store Management (SSM)

Provides reporting detail around all store behavior in a floorplan view that is localized.

Product Mapper

Sku-level placement tool that automates the planogram and simplifies the auditing process.

Content Management System (CMS)

User-friendly portal which safely hosts content across all active locations.

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