AlfaPeople AI and Copilot Assessment Workshop


Exploring Efficiency and innovation: A deep dive into AI!

In an era where artificial intelligence transcends mere buzzwords to become an indispensable reality for forward-thinking companies, you face a pivotal question: How can you identify and harness the right AI strategy for your organization to drive genuine innovation? How can AI be leveraged to optimize and enhance the performance of your business model?

Our exclusive one-day workshop is your gateway to the world of effective business optimization through artificial intelligence. Dive in and explore the technology and gain insights into how you can utilize it to create tangible value, streamline processes, and foster enduring innovation.

We will illustrate why the question is no longer whether to implement AI in your organization, but how to do it effectively, enabling you to optimize existing processes and chart new territories. From capital efficiency gains to precise order and forecast optimization, and seamless process automation through process mining - we spotlight the concrete pathways through which Microsoft Dynamics, powered by the Power Platform, AI Builder, and Copilot, is paving the way to sustainable success and transformative innovation.

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