BOLDSuite Analytics: NetSuite & Power BI Connector Implementation


Real-time insights, easy data access, data visualizations, advanced reporting, and consolidation.

BOLDSuite Analytics

BOLDSuite Analytics: NetSuite & Power BI Connector

Say Goodbye to Manual Exports with BOLDSuite Analytics - Real-Time Insights and Data Visualizations For Your Business

We understand the frustration that comes with importing CSV files into NetSuite. It's more than just an inconvenience; it represents a significant drain on your resources and time. Many businesses grapple with the complexities of managing multiple datasheets and the isolation of data silos, which makes the accurate collection, analysis, and visualization of data a daunting task. BOLDSuite Analytics is the solution to all these problems. The NetSuite Power BI connectors offer streamlined data integration, presenting an easy-to-use yet robust solution tailored for managing extensive, dispersed datasets effortlessly, without the need for deep technical knowledge.

  1. Direct Data Connector: This connector directly funnels NetSuite data into Power BI, offering a seamless integration. It requires no middleware or ETL process, the native capabilities of the connector do that for you, and the data structure is already configured.
    1. No middleware or ETL process required, the native capabilities of the connector do that for you.
    2. No more manual data mapping, the data structure is already configured.
  2. Data Connector with Data Warehouse: For clients who prefer or require the use of a data warehouse for advanced data processing and analytics, this option integrates NetSuite with Power BI through a data warehousing layer, accommodating more complex data handling and storage needs.

Dashboards that tell everything you need to know

Our robust NetSuite Power BI connector helps C-levels understand data in a simple dashboard. No more chasing files, no more switching Excel sheets. Its interactive, Power BI-driven visuals offer a centralized view with additional insights that help make sense of your NetSuite data. Benefits include:

  1. Gain near real-time insights across your business with multiple out-of-the-box reports.
  2. Confidently make data-driven decisions, thanks to intuitive dashboards designed for users at all levels.
  3. Simplify even the most complex datasets with our robust data-handling capabilities.
  4. Benefit from a user-friendly integration process with out-of-the-box features at no additional cost.

Key Features

  1. REST-based NetSuite connection.
  2. Token-based authentication.
  3. Efficient data pulling from Workbook Analytics.
  4. Proficient handling of large datasets.
  5. Built-in dashboards tailored for common business use cases.
  6. Fully equipped for self-service BI, allowing for custom reports and visualizations.

With BOLDSuite Analytics, sharing data with external organizations doesn't require an additional NetSuite license. The solution offers incremental refresh for timely data synchronization and includes a built-in Snapshot capability, allowing for the capture of the business's current state without the need for extra tools. Additionally, it doesn't require SuiteAnalytics Connect for integration or functionality.

We have developed multiple out-of-the-box reports to cater to the needs of all our clients across industries:

  1. The Budget vs. Actuals Report
  2. The Order Summary Report
  3. The Sales Commission Report
  4. The Project Management Report


  1. An active NetSuite account.
  2. An active Azure VM account (for data warehouse-based connector).
  3. Power BI Gateway (for native Power BI Connector)

Support and Pricing

  1. Comprehensive support channels and training resources.
  2. Regular updates for performance optimization.
  3. No cost for NetSuite customers; detailed licensing terms available.

Supported Editions

NetSuite ERP and CRM: Fully compatible with NetSuite ERP and CRM.

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