Kaizala Scalable Incidents: 3-Wk Implementation

Best Projects

*An integration that results in an easy, mobile, and scalable use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 incidents through Microsoft Kaizala.*

Best Projects developed a solution that conects the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Services module, with Microsoft Kaizala, the Microsoft instant message app. ### Deliverables With our solution, your company will receive: * Kaizala implementation * Training for main stakeholders * Pre-built Kaizala cards (mini apps inside Kaizala) * Dynamics 365 integration * Azure WebService to connect Dynamics 365 and Kaizala * Go-live review and post go live checklist **What your company will be able to do with our solution** * Create Dynamics 365 incidents inside the Kaizala app (with photo, offline, or with geotag) * Send updates from Dynamics 365 to Kaizala user who created the incident * Provide this solution to an infinite amount of customers or employees with Microsoft Kaizala, which is free for the end user Our implementation takes three straight weeks which includes a maximum of 300 hours of work.
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