Subscription Business: 4-Hr Assessment


Explore and learn more how Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology can optimize and streamline your subscription business processes in a 4 hour session with a business expert.

Fortifying your subscriptions business model is mission critical for companies that provide digital assets and software as a service. In retail more companies are also providing products in plans at a recurrence.

The business model of Subscription management is about winning the customers heart, mind and wallet. Trust and technology is key. Customers expect top service and easy ways to enroll into subscriptions. Once the delivery of services and products remains evergreen and relevant, customer will keep renewing. However the administrative process of managing subscriptions can be a heavy burden if not well automated. This is the domain of Bluefort. We are all about subscription management and provide Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solutions for the business model.

In this service offer we will conduct a 4-hour online session with your team. Once signed up we will send you an intake questionnaire that will drive the agenda of the session. During the session we will engage into determining your business capabilities that can be improved by Microsoft Dynamics 365 business apps. The outcome will be a list of defined required capabilities, the business benefits, the way of measuring outcomes (KPI’s and metrics) and how a potential technology implementation project would look like in terms of approach, timeline and investments.


  • Intake questionnaire
  • High level KPI’s, Metrics and reporting requirements
  • Defined technology roadmap based on assessment

Learn more today and start up your digital journey for future growth.

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