Teams Calling : 2-Day Assessment

Cambay Consulting LLC

Unleash the power of Teams Calling in just 2 days.

Amid COVID-19, Videoconferencing and calls are here to stay, and it is no surprise that the IT department is evaluating different tools to make enterprise voice services simple yet cost-effective. Teams Calling a cloud-based phone system, allows employees to make high-quality calls from wherever they are while using their work number.

Teams Calling : 2-Day Assessment: Cambay’s Teams Calling two-day assessment helps you assess and evaluate how Teams can simplify your enterprise voice services with a reliable, high-quality integrated calling solution built on the Microsoft cloud.

  1. Discuss and gather requirements of the current on-prem PBX and PSTN environment
  2. Show how you can call from a single number from anywhere, any device – Computer, mobile, or desk phone.
  3. Discuss major configuration options, architecture, 3rd party add-ons, licensing scenarios, and hardware options.
  4. Discuss impact to your network, streamlining setup, and how it provides cost savings and compelling value.
  5. Demonstrate how teams calling solution can be configured & managed.

Deliverables • Evaluation of your future PBX needs. • Demonstrate Teams calling experience to showcase why Teams is the right calling solution. • Recommendations to deploy and adopt teams calling as your modern collaboration and communication solution. • Deployment scenarios, pricing options, and discounts.

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