Data Modeling: 1-Day Assessment

Catapult Systems, LLC

Learn how to structure your organizational data for consumption in Power BI.

A typical hurdle faced by data architects and IT data specialists is in preparing data for analysis in tools like Power BI. This assessment focuses on helping you understand the best ways to prepare business data for Power BI and the creation of an optimized data model for analysis.

During this one-day assessment, we will explore:

  • Best practices for data dimensions
  • Optimal dimension structure
  • Fact table grain decision making


  • Data Discovery
  • Best Practices Overview
  • Tool Review
  • Dimension and Fact table design
  • Roadmap construction


This engagement will produce a summary of the data modeling architecture derived from the assessment, with recommendations for future additions and modifications.


  • The audience for this engagement is IT database specialists and data architects.
  • Attendees should have an understanding of the organization’s data sources and an understanding of their end users’ reporting and analytics business use cases.

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