Performance Optimization: 3-Day Assessment

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A performance analysis of your Microsoft Power BI reports or dashboards to detect root causes and provide improvement recommendations.

Benefits & Outcomes

This three-day consultancy service is to help you increase the performance of your existing Power BI dashboards. We will perform an analysis to find a root cause of the problem and we will assess what are possible solutions to gain desired performance and to improve your user experience.

After this assessment you will:

  • Know the root causes for the poor performance of your Power BI solutions.
  • Have recommendations on how to improve your dashboard to gain desired performance.
  • Know how to perform proposed improvements efficiently.
  • Have proposals on how these improvements can be made

With our help our clients achieved

  • Lowered cost of reporting by 50%.
  • Decision-making process shortened by 4 times.
  • Reduced product availability cost by 65%.
  • Decreased product unavailability by 45%.


Day 1 We focus on current state analysis of your low-performing dashboard, including understanding your business goals, expectations, and data source architecture. Key requirements here are the availability of SMEs, product and business owners plus also access to the report(s) in question.

Day 2 We determine the root causes of poor performance, share an outlook on possible improvements relying on our best knowledge from similar cases, and validate our recommendations with our network of experts. This will include a list of potential solutions ranked by feasibility and costs.

Day 3
We will document, present, and discuss our recommendations guiding you on the most effective routes of implementation. The outcome will be a detailed list of options or paths available for you based on your decisions. This would be the input for performance improvement project(s)

This is conducted at our central location in Warsaw, Poland but can be conducted at your location for an additional cost.

Price is estimated for the basic scope of work, the adjustments can be negotiated individually.

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