Power BI Migration (SMB): 3-Wk Assessment


The objectives of this assessment are to gain an early understanding of the migration timeline, level of effort, and resource requirements, as well to evaluate and mitigate risk.

We understand that your organization has its own unique needs. This 3-week migration assessment is designed to meet the following objectives:


  • Estimate cost savings by migrating your current reporting environment to Power BI
  • Define migration requirements (timelines, resources, success criteria, training plan, environment setup)
  • Create an inventory of reports/dashboards to be migrated
  • Identify potential source issues and/or connection/performance challenges
  • Establish what reporting assets can be eliminated, consolidated, or maintained as edge cases
  • Formulate a migration plan using points-based prioritization criteria, or by reducing licensing/subscription spend as quickly as possible
  • Determine the project timeline and resourcing needed to complete the migration




  • Business Requirements Definition (BRD): Will contain use cases, data sources, refresh frequencies, business processes, and report/dashboard components.
  • Bus Matrix and Source Table: Reference documentation that will be included with the BRD.
  • Implementation SOW: High level plan with milestones based on experienced practical implementation methodologies.
  • Project Timeline and Resource Requirements


DesignMind has performed multiple large-scale migrations from other BI and Reporting Systems to Power BI and has a proven step-by-step migration methodology. This methodology applies to migrations from Tableau, Qlik, MicroStrategy, Cognos, Business Objects, and other reporting tools as well. Our process has been successfully implemented on Power BI migration projects involving over 1,000 reports and dashboards, dozens of data sources, and tens of thousands of users.


PLEASE NOTE: The cost of this engagement is estimated and will be determined by scope of work.


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