Business Central Standard: 6-Wk Implementation

Dynamic Objects

*This Package and is perfect for organizations without any previous ERP experience who would like to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.*

### Deliverables * Requirements discovery session * Activate and provision Dynamics 365 Business Central environment (D365) and Sandbox * License, configure, and assign security rights for up to 10 D365 users * Initial configuration of Power BI with initial Dashboard * Create Production Company database and minimal configuration of Dynamics 365 Business Central (client will be required to perform most configuration settings) * Provide a System Setup Checklist for client to follow * Initial training of system configuration and setup, Data Import process * Import Master Data for Items, Vendors and Customers * Install Mobile App on up to 5 mobile devices * Provide User Security Training * Setup System and Company settings * Design and Create GL Account Structure with Client * Setup GL Account Structure, Checkbook, Payment Terms, Ship Methods * Format check and invoice layout for one company * Add logo to transactional reports (quote, order, invoice, purchase order) * Create Default financial reports – P & L Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement * Train on basic Invoicing, Cash Receipts, AR Aging, Inquiry * Train on Accounts Payable, Check/EFT payments, AP Aging, Inquiry * Train on Checkbooks, Batches, GL, Inquiry, Financial Reports * Create UAT Checklist and Initial Instructions Guide – provide Support to the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) * Go-live review and brief next step conversation ### Assumptions * Exchange required for Outlook integration * Dynamic Objects must be the digital partner of record and Cloud Solution Provider with Microsoft * No custom functionality or custom reports are included * Excludes Manufacturing, Cost Accounting and Cash Flow Forecasting modules * All trainings will be based on Train the Trainer Approach **Note** The full implementation is offered remotely and training sessions are conducted online.
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