Port Visualization Digital Twin: 1-Hr Assessment

Enlighten Designs Ltd

Display your data in a new dimension with a digital twin and powerful data storytelling through Power BI

Still using Excel spreadsheets to mitigate risks, manage complications and track the movements of your vessels? Translating numbers from a spreadsheet into something understandable and real can be very challenging. Being able to "see" your port could be the answer - and Enlighten Designs can show you the 'art of the possible' with our 1-Hr Assessment.

We'll demonstrate how we can take your data and reimagine it in a new and more dimensional way, allowing a top-down view of your port and a digital twin. The results will impress. You'll see a shift from an outdated and unsatisfactory data system to a beautiful, user friendly dashboard that gives the ability to plan better and make decisions more efficiently.

Get an increase in your staff engagement around the ‘art of the possible’ for your port and prompt fundamental business change in your organization with Enlighten Designs and Power BI.

Why Enlighten Designs?

As Managed Microsoft Gold partners, we’re equipped with the best Microsoft technology platforms, innovation and software to deliver across New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world.

Our mission consists of three interconnected parts: our love of technology, passion for people, and belief in sustainable prosperity. Each part must thrive and enable us to fulfil our purpose of making a positive difference.

Enlighten Designs is uniquely positioned to partner with you on your digital twin journey, having collaborated with Port Otago, the New Zealand South Island's primary port that hosts over 450 vessels every year.

What you can expect

  • Build understanding of your unique business requirements
  • Outline of the visual forecasting tool
  • Potential use cases for your organization
  • Suggested priority listing
  • Quote for Port Visualization Digital Twin implementation

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