Power BI: 2-Wk Proof of Concept

iLink Systems, Inc.

Two-week Power BI Proof of Concept (PoC) utilizing your data and industry best practices to demonstrate the capabilities of Power BI.

Our Business Analytics experts will implement a PoC where they will take a use case and relevant data and take it all the way to a compelling dashboard/report that provides actionable insights.


Day 1: Engagement Planning & Kick off Call

  • Kick off call to discuss the scope, brief overview of current processes, and ideal state
  • Discuss agenda for the exercise by charting out the scope of work (use case)

Day 2: Assessment & Collecting Data

This step involves us to deep dive into the customer’s current data processes, collect representative data.

Day 3-4: Data Modeling, Shaping & Data Exploration

This step involves building the data model, perform necessary transformations and then perform the data exploration to identify what insights could be found from the data.

Day 5-7: Create reports and dashboards

This step involves creating compelling dashboards, interactive reports with stunning visuals for the use case identified.

Day 8-9: Final Review

This step involves internal review with the customer and accommodating last minute updates for the dashboard.

Day 10: Final Demo

The pilot/prototype is showcased to the customer. Also, a target solution architecture is proposed for their future business analytics needs based on the assessment done during this PoC.

Core Learnings

By the end of the Power BI PoC, the client will be able to understand and appreciate the power and value of the Power BI and see how they can transform data to actionable insights easily.

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