Windows Information Protection 1 WK Implementation

KiZAN Technologies

Go further with Microsoft 365 and protect corporate data on Windows 10 PCs with Windows Information Protection.

Secure Corporate Data | Prevent Accidental Data Leaks | Limit Data Exposure

Whether organizations are allowing an increase in employee-owned devices in the enterprise or managing corporate-owned fleets, there’s an increased risk of accidental data leakage through apps and services such as email, social media, and the public cloud that are outside of the enterprise’s control.

Windows Information Protection, included in your Microsoft 365 licensing, helps to protect against potential data leakage without interfering with the employee experience. Windows Information Protection secures enterprise applications and information against accidental data leakage on both enterprise-owned devices and personal devices without requiring changes to your environment or applications.

During this 1 week implementation, KiZAN will assist your organization with implementing and optimizing Windows Information Protection. From planning to deployment, through customization and education, KiZAN can help ensure you have a launchpad deployment to both demonstrate what Windows Information Protection has to offer and provide a solid foundation for rapid enterprise-wide adoption.


  • Prevent enterprise data leaks, even on employee-owned personal devices.
  • Reduce employee frustrations because of restrictive data management policies.
  • Maintain the ownership and control of your enterprise data.
  • Control network and data access.
  • Regulate data sharing for apps that aren’t natively capable of applying enterprise-level controls.

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