LTIMindtree Business Applications Dynamics 365 ERP Transformation Offering

LTIMindtree Limited

LTIMindtree's D365 ERP Transformation offering provides comprehensive solutions, tailored to streamline your business operations. Our offerings range from implementation to customization and support.

LTIMindtree ERP Transformation offering focuses on addressing business domain specific needs - across Finance, Supply chain, Commerce & Project Operations.

  • Modern FinOps: Focuses on Budget & Forecast, Project account and Credit & collection areas
  • Resilient Supply Chain: Delivers values across Procurement & sourcing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Procurement, Production control & Warehouse management
  • Commerce & Retail: Addresses business requirements in B2B / B2C space, for front end and backend Commerce operations
  • Project Operations: Brings together processes like Project planning, Budget Management, Time tracking & Risk Management

These core offerings are augmented with latest GenAI features from Microsoft's Copilot Offers. Copilot harnesses AI driven insights for data sets unique to business areas to provide tailored solutions. This is made easy by the seamless data integration across diverse data sources.

The ERP Transformation offerings have delivered value across following business performance areas:

  • Faster Go to Market, with efficient localization solutions
  • Improved Inventory management
  • Enhanced asset utilization through better visibility, tracking and real time reporting
  • Improved Project accounting processes
  • Savings through license optimization

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