Export Power BI to PPT Tool: 1-Hour Briefing

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Wish Power BI insights could automatically become presentation slides? Discover a seamless solution in our export tool’s 1-hour briefing

Ever wanted a seamless way to export your Power BI insights into captivating PowerPoint presentations? Building a story using real data from Power BI visuals is the key to delivering a successful presentation. However, manually inputting all those visuals can be time-consuming, especially if you’re consolidating data across numerous geographies and workspaces.

Our custom Export Power BI to PPT tool offers an automated alternative to the manual process.

With our tool, you can download a polished PowerPoint presentation populated with any Power BI reports and visuals you want to highlight. The tool supports the export of both certified and non-certified custom visuals, including R visuals. With the tool, you can export insights from across your workspaces using a custom PowerPoint template.

During this briefing, we will introduce you to the Export Power BI to PPT tool. Discover how our tool can improve your workflow with features such as:

  • Export to PowerPoint, PDF, and Excel from multiple reports and workspaces
  • Apply filters and slicers to exports
  • Export visuals as high-resolution images
  • Save custom export configuration for future use
  • Preview PowerPoints, PDFs, and layouts, with the ability to reposition visuals before exporting

Target customers

Our briefing is perfect for professionals who seek to increase their reporting capabilities:

  • Data analysts
  • Business leaders
  • Presentation creators
  • Power BI enthusiasts


Understanding your reporting challenges

  • What hurdles do you face when translating Power BI insights into presentations?
  • How do these challenges impact your reporting efficiency?

Exploring the possibilities

  • What if you could seamlessly export Power BI visuals to PowerPoint?
  • How would this simplify your reporting process and elevate the quality of your presentations?

Live demo

  • Witness the power of our Power BI to PPT tool in action.
  • Experience firsthand how it can transform your reporting workflow.

Q&A and next steps

  • Engage in an interactive Q&A session to address any inquiries.
  • Discover the immediate steps you can take to use this tool for your reporting needs.


Following the briefing, you will receive:

  • Access to our exclusive Power BI to PPT tool.
  • A quick start guide to maximize the tool's benefits.

What you will gain

Participating in our briefing offers several benefits:

  • In-depth understanding of how our tool functions.
  • Clarity on what challenges your teams are facing and how our export tool can streamline their activities.
  • Hands-on experience with using the tool and seeing the benefits in action.

Why choose us

  • Proven expertise: Our team members are certified Power BI experts with extensive experience in developing effective reporting solutions.
  • Customized solutions: We tailor our briefings and tools to address your specific reporting pain points.
  • Ongoing support: We would be more than happy to address any questions following the briefing and provide any support needed to help you take the next steps.

Learn how you can streamline your reporting activities today.

Ready to transform your reporting process? Reach out to us today at to schedule your 1-hour briefing to experience the future of reporting efficiency and presentation excellence.

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