Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service: 8 Week Implementation


Envisioning, deployment and support services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service transforms customer services and maintenance to equip technicians with pre-defined, repeatable capabilities based on Work Orders. This includes proactive, outcome-based processes and even IoT enabled solutions. Dynamics 365 Field Service makes it easy for end-customers to schedule service, monitor the progress of their request, and accelerate resolution, while the service provider can then make visible process information, status and knowledge at important steps of the process.

Dynamics 365 Field Service when implemented for preventive maintenance, routine work orders or un-planned events, reduces end customer downtime and optimizes service quality using connective intelligence to align work orders, resources, and end customer preferences. In advanced scenarios, Dynamics 365 Field Service can deliver end-to-end field service with machine learning, mixed reality, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Some of the common challenges Cognizant solves for:

  • The need to provide world-class Field Service and on-site assistance to maintain end customer equipment and installed base products. This fosters a successful relationship and continued partnership
  • The goal of having Field Service as a strategic capability to increase end customer satisfaction, as well as additional leads and opportunities for the service provider
  • The need to accelerate digital innovation and transformation (paperless processes) including adaptable scheduling, inventory management, accurate cost accounting and so on.
  • There are very few off the-shelf Field Service applications and building, developing or managing a custom version typically becomes cost prohibitive
We implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service solutions leveraging industry best practices and innovative design thinking to ensure your organization functions as efficiently as possible. Our comprehensive process includes:
  1. Immersive envisioning that includes virtual experience center consisting of industry experts working with your organization to define needs and requirements, & environments to conduct proof of concept and fit gapping. Business outcomes delivered as part of the envisioning phase: i. High-level architectural design. ii. Complete solution requirements, user stories, epics, and as-is processes to be enabled.
  2. Solution Architecture Definition based on Requirements and a solution design and architecture. Business outcomes delivered as part of the architecture definition phase: i. To-be business processes are defined. ii. Deployment storyboard is developed
  3. Agile deployment practices that include all tasks necessary to plan, develop and test each capability identified during project Envisioning & Architecture Definition. Business outcomes delivered as part of the development phase: i. Code and capabilities necessary to meet user story requirements including integrations, migrated data & features.
  4. The Release Phase represents transition from the Agile Lifecycle to the end-user experience. Business outcomes delivered as part of the Release phase: i. Training materials and key stakeholder training. ii. Documented Use Cases for solution testing. iii. Migrated UAT and final production data. iv. Fully tested and approved solution.
  5. The Support phase is designed to assist the client transition to using the new solution post go-live. Business outcomes delivered as part of the Release phase: i. Additional development, oversight and training as required.
  6. The price relates to the initial consultation - implementation price and duration will be determined based on client specific requirements surfaced during/after the initial consultation.

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