Power BI Version Control: 1 Hour Briefing

Pomerol Partners Ltd

Demo of the Soterre Power BI version control solution

Providing governance and oversight of self-service activities of citizens and power users

Abate the management and tracking of your Power BI analytics

Soterre for Power BI maximizes self-service business intelligence while reducing risks for the organization. Through governance over the Power BI platform, Soterre delivers consistency and transparency while reducing friction and pain points related to creating analytics content.

Versioning & Deployment

  • Capture changes in Workspaces, Reports, Dashboards, Data Sets, Goals & Scorecards
  • Enhanced deployment pipelines
  • Rollback support

Governance Over Power BI Workflow

  • Oversight of analytics activities across the delivery process
  • Know the who, what, when, and why of changes
  • Remain audit ready

Power BI Precipience

  • Ascertain what's been developed and published for consumption
  • Mitigate risk with transparency of power users' activities
  • Insight into Power BI adoption

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