Food and Beverage Catalyst: 2-Week Workshop

RSM Product Sales LLC

RSM’s Catalyst "envisioning" for Food & Beverage is a customer engagement journey based upon Microsoft’s Catalyst framework to help businesses conceive and realize business transformation.

The Food & Beverage industry underwent exponential changes over the past year, and as an industry leader yourself, you have realized that a strong technology foundation is what will enable you to keep pace with it.

RSM’s Catalyst for Food & Beverage is a customer engagement journey based upon Microsoft’s proven Catalyst framework to help businesses conceive and realize business transformation by moving through a series of curated phases: Inspire, Design, Empower and Achieve.

Catalyst workshops are focused on building a roadmap to successfully implement Microsoft technologies ranging from its ERP platform Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain, to integrated offerings like Dynamics 365 for Finance, Business Central, Microsoft Customer Service, Customer Insight, Field Service, Sales, Human resources and Marketing, to adjacent offerings based upon the Power Platform like Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate.

This complementary offering is designed to unlock the potential of your business at no cost to you based upon qualification. Utilizing the Catalyst program and methodology, we work together with you to build, plan and execute business transformation strategies with a proven, innovative approach. As part of Catalyst you will meet with our industry experts to engage in an Envisioning workshop used to ideate together using design-thinking concepts and collaborate to define how to uniquely enable the digital transformation of your organization.


Week 1

  • ‘What is on your radar?’ session
  • ‘Affinity clustering’ exercise
  • ‘Abstraction laddering’ exercise

Week 2

  • ‘Rose, thorn, Bud’ session
  • ‘Importance-difficulty matrix’ creation session
  • ‘Stakeholder mapping’ exercise

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