Power BI - 2-Day Instructor-led Workshop

Syntelli Solutions Inc.

Power BI Training is an Instructor-led training by Syntelli's Power BI experts focusing on basic and advanced topics in Power BI with hands-on practice exercises

Jump start your business analytics with this Instructor-led Power BI Training with hands-on practice exercises and deliver actionable business insights throughout your organization.

Day 1:

  1. What is Power BI?​
  2. Install Power BI​
  3. Connect to Data​
  4. Profile the data​
  5. Design Data Model ​
  6. Create report

Day 2:

  1. Create calculated columns and measures using DAX​
  2. Quick Measures​
  3. Time Intelligence​
  4. Enrich reports for usability ​
  5. Perform advanced analysis​
  6. Optimize model performance

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