Unisys Frontline Worker Enablement 90-Day Proof of Concept

Unisys Corp / Blue Bell

Empower your frontline workforce to become more agile and responsive to change with the use of Microsoft 365, Teams and Power Platform.

The Unisys Advisory and Consultancy team, integrating organizational change management, provides a Microsoft Frontline Worker proof of concept (POC) to test the feasibility of using Microsoft 365 and Power Platform to improve the way frontline workers do their jobs. A POC can help you identify the right solutions for your needs, assess the impact of those solutions on your business, and decide about whether to implement them on a larger scale.

The POC goals include:

Improved customer service: Frontline workers are often the first point of contact for customers. By testing new ideas and technologies with frontline workers, a company can identify ways to improve the customer experience, such as faster response times, better communication, and more personalized interactions.

Increased efficiency: A proof of concept can help frontline workers to streamline their workflows and reduce the time it takes to complete tasks. This can lead to faster service delivery, shorter wait times, and improved overall efficiency.

Enhanced quality: By using a proof of concept to test new tools and technologies, frontline workers can identify ways to improve the quality of the products or services they provide to customers. This can include identifying defects or issues early in the process, improving product design, or optimizing service delivery.

Greater innovation: A frontline worker proof of concept can also stimulate innovation within a company. By encouraging frontline workers to experiment with new ideas and technologies, a company can tap into the creativity and problem-solving skills of its employees, which can lead to new products, services, or ways of doing business.

Possible subjects for the POC are: • Shift planning for mobile device • Onboarding / offboarding processes • Walkie – talkie communications (with appropriate devices and peripherals) • Digitization of 2 business processes • Integration of 2 Line of business applications

Unisys Frontline Worker Managed Service can be an optional next step to ensure ongoing processes, procedures and technology updates are being used effectively and meeting the needs of the frontline workforce.

*Pricing and timeframe will vary depending on scope.

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