Power BI and Critical BI Concepts: 3-Day Workshop

US Medical IT

From data visualization to data modeling - US Medical IT accelerates the Power BI learning curve in a focused, hands-on, instructor-led class where your team leverages your own data.

Up to 10 attendees will receive expert-led guidance through a complete set of hands-on labs and provided training modules with a focus on successful BI practices and outcomes.

From common errors, to enabling end user access, this Jumpstart reinforces valid BI concepts, improving initiative adoption and shortening project cycles.


Day 1

Best Practices & Data Visualization

Day 2

Data Visualization & Data Modeling

Day 3

Advanced Power BI (Client data sets)


  • Learn how to create and share compelling data visualizations
  • Gain an understanding of how to find and integrate data from more than one data source
  • Discover how to enrich data with calculations and other features
  • Get started with your own data and analytics needs with hands-on training


  • Training material is intended for business analysts, business users, BI/DW teams, report developers
  • Training is limited to 10 attendees per session and will be conducted on-site at the client's facility

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