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Generation of variants with plausibility check

orderbase VariPlus basic is your handy tool for the fast and easy assembling of bills of material and routings in sales and production. The use of orderbase VariPlus decreases the risk of errors and enables you to invest more time in your actual work.

Due to a sophisticated system of formulas, it is very easy to plan the production of items that follow a basic scheme but vary in their specifications.

Once the dialog box is individually created, planning is reduced to choosing the required parameters from that list. orderbase VariPlus basic combines the chosen parameters, checks them for plausibility and creates all bills of material and routings needed for the specific requirement. This eliminates errors, which often occur due to copy-and-paste from an original list, and furthermore saves valuable time and therefore money.

orderbase VariPlus extended offers additional functionalities such as

  • working with global variables
  • sales line parameter incl. price
  • automatic "inserted extended texts"
  • formulas before/after per line
  • includes purchases
  • variant inheritance


  • One scheme for all
  • Dynamic creation of bills of material (BOMs)
  • Dynamic creation of routings
  • Minimization of planning errors
  • Fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

About us

orderbase consulting GmbH

Since 1999 we specialize in developing Add-Ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365, focusing on order processing-, production- and service management-solutions for SMEs. We provide comprehensive support services to our partners and customers in terms of conceptual design, implementation and customization of our on-premise solutions and cloud-apps. Our goal is to optimize process flows by making information more accessible and evaluable, enabling our customers to tackle new challenges and changes of the digital shift. Our software-development is based on 20 years of experience in production- and service-consulting. We are constantly learning from our customers’ wishes and feedback to improve our products.

Supported Editions
  • orderbase VariPlus supports the Premium edition of Business Central

Supported Countries
  • orderbase VariPlus is supported in all countries where Business Central is available

Supported Languages
  • This app is available in English and German

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