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Progressus adds Professional Services Automation features to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Progressus PSA for Project & Services based businesses is an all-in-one solution, meaning you combine extensive functionality for project and resource management (PSA) with financial management (ERP). You bring people, processes, and data together, end-to-end, resulting in full control over your projects, project accounting and your overall business.

What are the benefits with All-in-one?

From a process perspective, a fully integrated PSA solution facilitates integrated business processes and process automation such as

- Integrated invoicing where project time and expense entries flow (seamlessly) through an electronic approval process into an invoice.

- Integrated WIP & revenue recognition based on forecast and automated calculated based on multiple revenue recognition options, all with full audit trail.

- Integrated project accounting with full visibility and access to data for actuals and cost tracking

- Integrated reporting with full project accounting and access to data, visualized as needed through Microsoft Power BI or ad-hoc analyzes in Excel with full access to underlying data.

From a people perspective, an integrated PSA solution makes it easier for your employees to do their job more efficiently

- Empower your Project Managers to drive successful and profitable projects. Easy to control and identify project risks with full visibility and access to data for project cost tracking and risk indicators.

- Ease the admin on your Consultants and enable them full focus on client and project commitments. Planning and time & expense entry as an integrated part of daily working tools. “a nice experience”, rewarding a structured way of working.

- Enrich Finance with process automation, to facilitate increased efficiency and productivity, affecting all processes in the entire business. All-in-one PSA solution makes the daily responsibilities easier and more enjoyable.

- Guide your Executives to insight through visibility into key operational metrics. Identify risks and areas of improvements. Bring people and processes together in an all-in-one PSA solution, enabling growth and improved profitability.

Supported editions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries

• Denmark

• Great Britain

• Sweden

• Spain

• Belgium

• Germany

• Netherlands

• Ireland

• Finland

• Switzerland

• Norway

• Australia

• New Zealand

• Singapore

Supported languages

• Danish

• English

• Swedish

• Spanish

• Dutch

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