Request Document System


Request Document System automates purchase requests and item transfers.

Are you tired of chasing paper trails and approvers just to know the status of your purchase request, item or asset transfer? How long have you been keeping binders of paper request forms on your shelves? How much time does your purchasing resource spend in collating requests, checking on available budget and doing follow ups?

When employees end up generating requests for their office needs, the end-to-end process is typically done manually accompanied by tons of paperwork. Imagine if you have 50 employees with at least 5 requests per month, that would be processing 250 documents in a single month and this can go up by the thousands if say you have 200 employees or more or when there is an increase in the frequency of requests. Manual processing of these voluminous forms is indeed a nightmare from tracking to approval to actual release of the item.

How would want to make your life more productive if there was a way to simplify and automate the entire requisition process?

Your solution is Request Document System (RDS), an add-on application for automating and managing list of items, services or fixed assets being requested for purchase, transfer, and adjustments.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy & Efficient Operations in processing all your purchase requests and others
  • Personalized View for Easy Tracking with user defined dashboard
  • Real Time Visibility and Budget Tracking of purchase requests
  • Improved Security and Risk Management while empowering your employees with embedded approval workflow and defined access rights

Supported editions:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:


Supported languages:

English (United States)
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