enHanced Notes

enVista Enterprise Solutions, LLC (EES) - MBS

enHanced Notes offers a configurable platform for automated email attachments and note propagation.

enVista's enHanced Notes solution extends the existing document handling framework, allowing notes attached to master data (i.e. Customer, Vendors, and Items) to automatically propagate to related transactions, such as Sales orders and Purchase orders. Additionally, attachments can be designated to print with related documents, such as Sales Order Confirmations or Invoices.

enHanced Notes at a Glance

  • Automatic propagation of Customer, Vendor, and Item notes or file attachments
  • Create and apply notes to a group of Customers, Vendors, or Items
  • Add additional attachments and modify the body of emails generated from standard documents
  • 54 different system-generated documents supported


  • Streamlines and automates internal and external communication
  • Reduces manual entry of note data
  • Allows files to be attached to outbound system-generated documents
enVista's enHanced Notes will save Dynamics 365 users considerable time and help ensure the accuracy and consistency with which notes and documents are delivered via system processes.
This product provides a trial license of 30 days and utilizes an Azure hosted web service for license tracking. This allows you to try it out with your own data.
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