Skillset Management Tool

από NPO Sistemi S.r.l.

This App fits to track and update the Skills for every empolyee

This powerful App allows users to update, approve and track employee technical skills within the company.

There are three profiles user:

·         employee who can insert or update specific competencies and certifications

·         managers who can update their own competencies/certificates or approve their employee's skills,

·         HR office that by using Power Bi reports has the option not only to analyze company skills and certificates but also to schedule a training plan.


The major advantages of the app are:

- monitoring and reskilling all company people

- real time analysis about company competencies level

- answer, in a near zero time, to tender or project requirements

- full integration data with other company solutions, such as LMS (Learning Management System), Web Portal, other HR software solution

- manage and track company grow path

-  simplify for HR office search for the right profile in the hiring process

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