Simplify expense claim processes with a dedicated mobile app that connects with Dynamics 365.

Save time by replacing expense spreadsheets and transform the handling of your business expense claims with a connected solution that will slash admin, reduce mistakes and streamline processes.  

Quickly submit claims through a dedicated Total Expenses mobile app built on the Power Platform.  All data is stored in the Common Data Service connecting it with Microsoft Dynamics 365, model-driven apps, Office 365 and hundreds of other apps and services. 

Simplify expense claims 
Helps sales professionals, consultants, field service engineers and other personnel save time and minimise administration by submitting expenses in real-time using the mobile app. 

Handle all expenses in one place 
Track business expenses in real-time for any expense type including taxi and hotel costs, and go paperless by uploading supporting receipts. 

Accurate mileage claims 
Distances are automatically calculated for accurate mileage claims on personal and company cars. 

Consistent handling 
Global validation checks enforce your rules and highlight potential issues before claims are submitted. 

Faster approvals 
Reduces the effort required from finance teams by review expenses in one place in Dynamics 365. 

Related expenses 
Link expenses to customers, projects and other records managed in Dynamics 365. 

Quicker Reimbursement 
Approved or rejected claims are communicated to team members through a combination of emails and push notifications. 

Inbuilt reporting 
Expenses data is stored in the CDS so expenses reporting is instantly available using native Dynamics 365 views, charts and dashboards, Power BI or other connected applications. 

How to Deploy
Purchase a Solutions 365 subscription for access to our entire collection of packaged solutions OR an Elevate 365 managed service subscription for access to all our solutions, and support, technical expertise, product insight, and training resources

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