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Schedule Reports / Views / Excel / Word Templates + Power Automate / Workflow + 1-Click Export

What all Zap Report Scheduler App for Dynamics 365 CE/ Power Apps can do?


  1. Schedule Multiple Report Exports to be received in email
  2. Export Reports using Power Automate or Workflow
  3. 1-Click ability to Export Report & Automatically attach to email (saves you 7-9 clicks...great productivity booster)
  4. Schedule Multiple Excel Templates to be received in email
  5. Schedule View to be received in Email (most users are comfortable in building views using advanced this feature helps a lot)
  6. Ability to save the exported report automatically to SharePoint for historic purpose
  7. Ability to share the exported report to teams channel
  8. Ability to generate PDF from Word Template through Power Automate / Workflow
  9. Report exports can be delivered inline in email or as an attachment
  10. Report formats supported: PDF, Excel, CSV, Word, PPT, TIFF
  11. Report Exports can be emailed to even external email addresses
  12. Bulk Scheduling feature - Ability to schedule single report to multiple CRM Users (optionally each one could receive only their OWN records)

Recent Updates:

Automate sharing of generated report in Teams (For details, refer blog link)

New Updates from Zap Objects:

Zap Objects now introduces "All-in-One" Annual Subscription plan. The plan covers license for all paid Zap Dynamics 365 CRM Apps!

  1. One simple easy to manage subscription
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Highly affordable
Apps included under this plan:
  1. Zap Copy Record
  2. Zap Calendar Pro
  3. Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case: Most comprehensive Helpdesk built on Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
  4. Zap Email Parser (Email to Any CRM Record)
  5. Zap Report / View Scheduler
  6. Zap Notifications Generator
  7. Zap Attachment Viewer
  8. Zap Email Reader
  9. Zap PSA Time Entry App (Case + Timesheet)

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