Zoom Information, Inc.

Prospect and enrich new leads, contacts and accounts with ZoomInfo data.

With ZoomInfo's industry-leading market intelligence solution, you get the tools you need to enrich your existing leads, contacts, and accounts and find new targeted accounts and leads to fuel your sales pipeline.


Industry-leading market intelligence solution gives you all the information you need to find, qualify, and close right within your Dynamics environment. Update existing data or fill in the blanks in your Dynamics Leads, Accounts, and Contacts. Maintain database completeness through quality checks and enhance the accuracy of your CRM. Use ZoomInfo's advanced search filters to find targeted leads to continue fueling your sales pipeline and accelerate your growth.


    • Decrease your call to connect time with access to direct phone numbers and email addresses.

    • Increase the accuracy of your Dynamics data through quality checks and fill in missing information for existing Leads, Contacts and Accounts

    • Fill your sales pipeline with new leads and companies matching your total addressable market.

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