Carousel Slider app gives a highly configurable Carousel Slider app

This app gives a configurable carousel slider. You can bind this slider to any SharePoint picture library on the parent web.

Steps to use this app :

a. Deploy the app

b. Go to the page where you want to use the slider app

c. Add the app part "CarouselSlider"

d. Edit the web part and expand "Carousel Properties" . Input the name of the picture library under section "Pic Library Name".

Note: Use only the Picture Library Name. For example , if the name of the pictuure library in the parent web is "PicLib", then just put "PicLib" in the "Pic Library Name" property.

User can configure the following things through edit web part properties:

1. Size of the images in the slider ("Pic Height" and "Pic Width" properties)

2. Time between two images to appear ("Carousel Speed" property). Input is expected in milliseconds.

3. Speed for transition of images ("Change Speed" property). Input is expected in milliseconds.

4. Text for all the buttons : Play, Pause, Previous, Next ("Play Button Name",""Pause Button Name","Previous Button Name", "Next Button Name" properties). For example user can give custom name to these buttons based on there local language.

5. Checkbox to select if Slide numbers are needed or not ("Show slide numbers" property). For example if the number of slides are more, then user might opt not to show the slide numbers.

6. Carousel Style ("Carousel style" property). Three styles are available : fade, slide left and none.

If you are trying to use this app in a public site for anonymous users, you need to follow and perform these manual steps :

In case of any issue drop me a mail at

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